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Nolan Davis and Dave Hunneyball are the "OLD GITS".

As professional performers and being aware that there is probably 40 years age difference between ourselves and the average bride we had decided to hang up our headphones and slip quietly into retirement. The problem was that although we tried to slow down the requests to book us just kept coming and we realised that perhaps the problem is one of expectations not ability and so the old bits were born………

We are over 60 and grumpy (ask our long suffering wives), we remember the best songs of the last 40 years because we were there, we know a good tune and recognise a future classic in the making but we no longer concentrate in keeping up with the charts.

When you hire us you get just that Nolan & Dave, with all our experience so please don't try and change us into something we are not by insisting on a 3 page playlist of music we haven't in some cases even heard of.

Our parents told us never to Lie

So here it is…..
We are both now over 60 years old and by definition that makes us OLD GIT's.

What Music do you play

We grew up in the 60's, 70's and 80's, so that is where our roots are firmly planted. Having said that as professional performers we play all kinds of music partially focused on classics and cheesy party songs.

Our aim is to play something for everybody, without focusing on any particular type of music.

However If you are looking for a club type event then we are quite simply not your Old Gits.

Do you take requests?

Yes of course, in fact we encourage it.
However they are always at the discretion of the Old Git who takes them.

Is your equipment as old as you?

No we use the latest professional sound and lighting equipment. If required we can even get festival systems for your event.

What does it mean?

You get just short of 95 years experience in the entertainment industry for your event. Between us we have worked in night clubs (UK & Europe), Swanky west end hotels, Social Clubs, Pubs, Restaurants, barns and even tents.

We've done Corporate events, Product launches, Baby showers, 18th Birthday parties, Weddings, Divorce celebrations, Tea dances, Singles nights, 90th Birthdays and even funerals.

And we bring all this experience to your event…..

Special Pricing for Pubs and Social clubs.

We understand the problems of running a small venue and have a special pricing structure on our 3hr show, particularly for regular bookings.

Please give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Themed Nights.

Having lived and worked through the 60's, 70's 80's and 90's we are perfectly suited to special themed nights and are happy to don fancy dress to enhance the experience.